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Walking Profile

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This is a piece of 1:25,000 map of the area. Start at the top -Arolla. If you are not 100% law-abiding, you may want to violate one ""red circle" road sign and drive up to "Illegal parking". I noticed that good percentage of Swiss do it. This way you will avoid least interesting part of the walk and save ~ 20 min.


3D walking profile. Please note that the chart is slightly disproportional: proportional chart would have been ~30% higher.



Walking profile. Please note that vertical scale is much larger than horizontal - it allows to see better all route peculiarities. Of course you don't need to climb 45 slopes! Proportional profile is two graphs below.


Route land projection. This contour repeat track of the topographical map above. The value is in coloring scheme: the brighter color - the steeper piece of the track is. See legend on the right. Note that these are not degrees, but percents: 50% means 50 m up per 100 m along.


Real, that is proportional walking profile. Seems to be very smooth, but don't get misled. It is because path makes zigzags (thus severely decreasing the ascend angle), rather than goes straight against the slope. Real slopes are steeper that this graph angles, but the path crosses them at exactly this angle!


3-dimentional projection. Extremely disproportional for the sake of showing details. The start point is at the left bottom corner.

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