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Mont Tendre

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wpe37.jpg (141784 bytes)Mont Tendre

Mont Tendre is not really a mountain, as its name says. As you can see of the photos, it is rather an upper point of a long, long wavy Jura ridge, going from South-West to North-East (or vice versa, if you prefer :)

Mont Tendre is nothing special, except that it is so close to Lausanne, that one can go there after working hours, have a 2,3-hour walk, watch the sunset and be back home for a late dinner. Very relaxing exercise after a stressful day!
wpe38.jpg (137303 bytes)The road map here shows the way up to Montricher. It is a small town down at the bottom of the ridge. In Montricher go towards the ridge and you will see road signs, which will lead you all the way up to Mont Tendre. You can go by car almost to the top - up to Chalet de Mont Tendre.

I have not been inside the Chalet, but judged by the number of people around it, folklore music and joyful screams from within, the must be a typical Swiss chalet-type restaurant indoors.

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Panorama towards France The sunset at the Mont Tendre

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